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Bridge the Gap with Jazz

View Archive Exhibition Layout Project date: 18-27 October, 2023 Workshop date: 26-27 October Workshop facilitators: Selen Gülün and Ben Zwerin Venue: Museum Gazhane, Istanbul  The new creative initiative “KEŞİF”, designed in partnership with the founding teams of Bozcaada Jazz Festival, 3dots and Fermente, has launched the “Bridge the Gap with Jazz” project within the scope […]

Jazz Camp for Girls 2023

“Jazz Camp for Girls”, the project of the new creative initiative KEŞİF, designed in partnership with the founding teams of Bozcaada Jazz Festival, 3dots and Fermente, took place in 2023 November with the participation of 16 girls! Gender inequality in music production in Turkey and around the world is an important issue for the festival. […]

Diplomacy through the Lens of Jazz: Turkey-US Cultural Ties

Diplomacy through the Lens of Jazz: Turkey-US Cultural Ties Conversation • September 10th • 14.00-16.00 • Aral Tatil Çiftliği Music is one of the most direct means of communication between cultures and generations. Inspired by this idea, the “Bridge the Gap with Jazz” project by KEŞİF, taking place in October, aims to strengthen freedom of expression and […]

cocktail candle workshop with organics by red bull

cocktail candle workshop wıth organics by red bull Workshop • September 9-10th • 14.30 • Kedi Bozcaada We have an exciting event coming up where we’ll be sipping cocktails and making candles at the same time. And yes, we’ll be mixing our own cocktails too! We will shape the candles to resemble the cocktails we’ve prepared with […]


coffee passıon with tchıbo Atölye • September 9th, Saturday • 10.00-12.00 • Salhane We’re here to take your coffee passion to the next level! In the Tchibo Coffee Passion workshop, we will all become coffee connoisseurs. In addition to theoretical knowledge about the history and cultivation processes of coffee, we will also delve into the arithmetic […]

upcycling art workshop

Upcycling Art Workshop with Barış Muratoğlu Workshop • September 10th, Sunday • 16.30-18.30 • Kasaba We will come together with multidisciplinary artist Barış Muratoğlu, who lives on the island, in an upcycling art workshop using the unique materials of the island. Our materials will include wood from the island’s shores, a retired fisherman’s net, seeds from plants […]

Wheel of issues

Wheel of ıssues Workshop • September 10th, Sunday • 15.00-17.00 • K Bozcaada Revma imece, a social innovation platform where change-making individuals and organizations come together to find solutions for societal, ecological, and cultural issues, is organizing a workshop seeking playful responses to social problems. Facilitation of the event will be undertaken by Selin Taşdelen and Hazal […]

play does us good

Current Issues, New Possibilities | Play together: play does us good Panel • September 10th, Sunday • 14.00-16.00 • Kasaba Within the panel named “Play Together: Play Does Us Good,” featuring speakers such as Elif Atmaca, co-founder of Toyi, a social enterprise that designs game experiences to foster creativity and imagination; Gaye Defne Ceyhan, an academic […]

game workshop

Jack LIVES HERE game workshop Conversation & Workshop • September 10th, Sunday • 12.00-14.00 • Aral Tatil Çiftliği In the Jack Lives Here Game Workshop, Sunay Akın and Işıl Ece Erdoğmuş Becer will take us on a journey through games played from past to present in our region and how the intertwining of cultures, much like […]

Playing Beyond Boundaries: Entrepreneurs’ Journeys in London

Playing Beyond Boundaries: Entrepreneurs’ Journeys in London Panel • September 10th, Sunday • 11.00-13.00 • Kasaba Calling entrepreneurs the playful spirits of the business world would not be an exaggeration. In the panel titled “Playing Beyond Boundaries: Entrepreneurs’ Journeys in London,” moderated by Hatice Çağlar from Monroe Creative Studio, a strategy and design-focused creative communication agency, we […]