Bozcaada Caz Festivali

bcf keşİf

The BCF Keşif program, which features interdisciplinary activities centered around a different theme each year, calls upon us to explore the universal essence of ‘play’ in humanity. 

This year, the festival pays tribute to Johan Huizinga’s concept of ‘Homo Ludens’, Man the Player, and aims to showcase the creative power of playing ‘games’ in the face of various challenges that we have encountered in recent times. The BCF Keşif program provides a platform for us to embrace the act of playing games as a means to enhance our connection with life, foster deeper relationships with ourselves and others, nurture hope, and safeguard our mental well-being.

Aligned with the festival’s advocacy areas of gender equality, ecological transformation, and social inclusion, the program offers a diverse range of events catering to different interests including cultural policies, the local history of the island, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, art, and well-being. Designed to explore the theme of ‘play’ through various disciplines, the BCF Keşif program presents numerous performances, workshops, and activities where you can freely engage with the playful mindset you hold within you.

With contributions from content partners representing various disciplines, the events of the BCF Keşif program will take place at different locations across the island, thus stimulating the energy of discovery throughout. Aposto, as the content partner of the festival, will engage participants with original content and events with Soli, Duende, and Apéro. Additionally, an ‘Ideathon’ focusing on ecology and agricultural policies will be organized in collaboration with Esmiyor. TOYİ, a brand that encourages children into examining their environment with a creative mindset by incorporating everyday objects as active components in games, will also be participating in the festival for the playful souls. Onaranlar Kulübü (The Repairers Club), on the other hand, will host design and production workshops that bring the festival’s interactive dialogue with participants to life through playful methods. Katalist, who are working towards strategic collaborations, will contribute to the festival through events that highlight the collective experience, initiating dialogue spaces where those aware of the potential impacts of creating and playing games can form together.

Emre Erbirer is responsible for curating the ‘Güncel Meseleler Yeni Olasılıklar’ (Current Issues New Possibilities) section of the program. This segment focuses on fostering creativity, learning from various communities and creators, prioritizing new discoveries and inspiration, and approaching current issues with fresh perspectives. Within this episode, attendees can expect a diverse lineup that explores the role of playing in our daily lives, acting as a catalyst for our health, happiness, and overall well-being. The program includes three key sections: ‘Play with Me’, ‘Play Together’, and ‘Defend the Game’.

‘Play with Me’ creates a space that emphasizes the importance of approaching life with a playful mindset, especially during times of crisis. It highlights how such an approach can nurture resilience, innovation, and adaptability. ‘Play Together’ promotes the idea that embracing the spirit of play can foster unity, encouraging individuals to come together and find joy in shared experiences. ‘Defend the Game’ delves into the profound teachings of play, such as resistance, rebellion, and embracing the arbitrary. This section also aims to create an inclusive environment for all its participants.