Bozcaada Caz Festivali

Current Issues, New Possibilities | Play together: play does us good

Panel • September 10th, Sunday • 14.00-16.00 • Kasaba

Within the panel named “Play Together: Play Does Us Good,” featuring speakers such as Elif Atmaca, co-founder of Toyi, a social enterprise that designs game experiences to foster creativity and imagination; Gaye Defne Ceyhan, an academic specializing in climate and sustainability at Boğaziçi University; Gizem Kıygı, a city planner and urban historian focusing on creating a healthy and secure environment with Şehir Dedektifi; and Zafer Elcik, entrepreneur and co-founder of Otsimo, which develops accessible educational solutions for children with special needs, we will discuss how play can tackle complex issues and simplify them.