Bozcaada Caz Festivali

Playing Beyond Boundaries: Entrepreneurs' Journeys in London

Panel • September 10th, Sunday • 11.00-13.00 • Kasaba

Calling entrepreneurs the playful spirits of the business world would not be an exaggeration. In the panel titled “Playing Beyond Boundaries: Entrepreneurs’ Journeys in London,” moderated by Hatice Çağlar from Monroe Creative Studio, a strategy and design-focused creative communication agency, we hand the microphone over to the playful spirits of the business world. In this panel, entrepreneurs who have taken their adventures from Turkey abroad will discuss the relationship between their business lives and games. Ata Argüder from Academia Park London, a London-based technology initiative providing innovation services to Turkish startups, and Ufuk Polat from deplike, a personalized music education startup, will share their personal experiences on how their entrepreneurial journeys that started in Turkey continue abroad, the surprises and challenges of changing the playing field, adapting to different game arenas, the role of teamwork in games, and the benefits of a playful approach in business life.