Bozcaada Caz Festivali

Craft Antakya and Nevruz Village Women's "Your Bag, My Bag" Workshop

Workshop • September 10th, Sunday • 11.00-13.00 • Calisto 17

The devastation caused by the February 6th earthquake is still fresh in our memories and hearts, and we know that solidarity will bring us all comfort. With this idea in mind, BCF Keşif, Craft Antakya, and the women of Nevruz Village come together to organize an event that supports the spirit of solidarity. Craft Antakya, established to support artisans who want to continue production after the February 6th earthquake in Hatay, and Nevruz Village Women, a women’s cooperative in Çanakkale’s Nevruz Village that combines craftsmanship with various designs, will design bags with the support of the Kale Group. Each bag will be produced through collective effort, starting with its owner. A bag filled with solidarity, labor, and love…