Bozcaada Caz Festivali

İmece x youth for good: Old Village New Game: Generation Us

Panel • September 9th, Saturday • 16.30-18.30 • Kasaba

In this panel, titled “Old Village New Game: Generation Us,” we will have a conversation and engage in cross-generational collaboration using the World Cafe technique. The panel features Tuğrul Ağırbaş, the founder of Genwise, a preparation and production camp designed to accommodate new ideas and projects for individuals’ third quarter; Jülide Erdoğan, co-founder of Katalist, a multidisciplinary design studio that provides management and consulting services; Hazal Kartalkanat, program manager at imece, a social innovation platform where change-making individuals and organizations come together to find solutions for societal, ecological, and cultural issues; and Kaya Aytuğ Demirel, co-founder of Youth for Good, an inclusive design studio that focuses on youth and positive impact for facilitating systemic transformation. During the panel, we will discuss the interactions, experiences, successes, and meanings across different generations, exploring how to facilitate intergenerational transfer. Following these discussions, participants will collectively engage in a World Cafe experience to generate solutions and ideas together.