In Search of Taste, in the Pursuit of Pleasure

It is a fact that cooking and eating is good for all of us. On the one hand, it is an important issue that we touch other corners with the meals we cook, who we involve in this process and what we change in life. Seda Domaniç and Türkan Çim Işık will discuss the relationship between taste and pleasure in the discussion titled ‘In Search of Taste, in the Pursuit of Pleasure’, where we will talk about a wide range from Aegean cuisine to local recipes and flavors of Bozcaada, from the relationship of cooking and eating with our soul and body to the effect of food on our well-being. We’ll take a closer look. We will listen to the pleasant conversation of two Bozcaada residents, who came from different backgrounds and traveled different paths, and two women who follow the taste of pleasure.