Biraz Yalnız Kalabilir Miyiz?

Can’t wait to try the “Biraz Yalnız Kalabilir Miyiz?” meeting at Bozcaada Jazz Festival! We are also curious about the experience where we will meet with musicians and sing the songs together in the “Biraz Yalnız Kalabilir Miyiz?” cabin, which will be located in the festival area during the festival, which will be an unforgettable experience and exploration alone with valuable artists. We will explore different horizons with Çağrı Sertel & Barış Demirel on Friday, August 26, followed by Alp Ersönmez & Birkan Nasuhoğlu on Saturday, August 27, and we will spend the last day of the festival on August 28 with Birkan Nasuhoğlu & Hüsnü Şenlendirici. Every day of the festival will start simultaneously with the opening of the festival gates at the Ayazma Monastery. You are invited to the experience “Biraz Yalnız Kalabilir Miyiz?”. ?