İyi Bak Bozcaada’ya

Taking its name from Kale Group’s new movement titled ‘İyi Bak Bozcaada’ya’, this panel focused on Bozcaada with sustainable development in agriculture and food, a self-sufficient island with its own resources, based on the 12th article of the Sustainable Development Goals titled ‘Responsible Production and Consumption’. We will look at current approaches and examples in areas such as manufacturing and local production. We will open a space to discuss responsible production and consumption together with the speakers who bring different perspectives from agriculture, food and permaculture perspectives.
With the conversation of Dilara Koçak from Mezura and Alpay Oğuş from Permakamp, ‘İyi Bak Bozcaada’ya’, will be a start to take a good look at this island that we are a short-term resident of.