KEŞİF is an experience program that spreads to various areas and corners of Bozcaada during the Bozcaada Jazz Festival, bringing the senses to the center with a multi-disciplinary selection and meeting the participants.

The advocacy areas of Bozcaada Jazz Festival are gender equality, ecological transformation and accessibility, as well as different areas of interest such as panel discussions, talks, screenings, tasting events, island-walks, workshops, masterclasses and pop-up concerts. It consists of activities that take place in different places and cover various disciplines with its appealing fiction. The program, which has so far focused on various ideas and debates and opened spaces for conversation, also focuses on topics such as the island’s local and cultural history, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, art and well-being.

KEŞİF program goes beyond the boundaries of Bozcaada Jazz Festival; In cooperation with different organizations, it continues to create original contents and experiences in its field by transforming into an organism where it finds itself as a guest and hosts guests.

KESIF 2022

KESIF 2021

KESIF 2020