KESIF 2021

Theme: Autotelic

What similarities could Albert Einstein and Miles Davis have? Is there a relationship between developing the theory of relativity and playing the solo of ``So What``? Psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who introduced the concept of flow to the literature, explores the relationship between the happiness of activities that take the person out of their comfort zone and away from everyday matters and the rapid flow of time. According to this theory, it is possible that people who pass the flow state easily have autotelic characteristics. Autotelic: The person or action whose purpose it is. (Greek: Autotelēs) This state of flow, which increases the quality of the experience and the action performed, can be defined as a situation in which the individual's concentration is high, is in and aware of the moment, her/his perception of time changes. In other words, the action itself is autotelic. This dominance, in which even self-awareness is lost and captured temporarily, is also seen in musicians at the moment of improvisation. While the mind of the musician and the listener are in a state of flux, the music is also in a state of flow. Flow is like the rhythm of both the mind and the music. This year, we set up the Bozcaada Jazz Festival, inspired by the concept of autotelic. Based on this concept, we want to open up the questions that arise in our minds to discussion and think together with the artists, participants and team as the whole festival community. - What if Albert Einstein tried to play the solo of ``So What``? - What is the impact of the skills we have developed on the flow? - Do we have actions that focus on the process, not the result, even though the target is clearly defined? - What are the factors that contribute to the moments we feel happy? - How can the feeling of loss of self-awareness in an autotelic act be defined?

19.08.2021 Thursday

Göğe Bakma Durağı: w/Sarp Maden