Bozcaada Caz Festivali

Current Issues, New Possibilities | Defend the Game: Stay in Play

Conversation • September 9, Saturday • 14.00-16.00 • Kasaba

Throughout the three-day BCF Keşif events, under the guidance of program curator Emre Erbirer, we will explore the various functions of play in our lives, using music and conversations to open doors to new possibilities. The insights we gain from each door will serve as reminders of the boundless power of play, which we all embraced wholeheartedly during our childhood but might occasionally lose sight of as we mature.

Under the title “Defend the Game: Stay in Play,” a discussion will explore the relationship between sports as a form of play and its impact on disadvantaged or marginalized communities, featuring Caner Eler, editor-in-chief of Socrates Dergi and a sports commentator, alongside Selin Yıldız, co-founder of Sportif Lezbon, Turkey’s pioneering LGBTI+ football team and community.